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Empowering girls through education advocacy

Welcome to the Asome Project, an initiative dedicated to advocating for the rights of the girl child to education in Tanzania. Our mission is to enhance the secondary completion rate among girls in the Mara region by 5% by the year 2024. Through targeted interventions and community engagement, we aim to address social and cultural barriers that hinder girls’ access to education and empower them to assert their right to learn and thrive.

Key Activities:

  1. Training of Trainers: 40+ female teachers trained in life skills, gender, and social norms.
  2. Awareness Raising: Targeted messages for community leaders, parents, adolescents, and religious figures.
  3. Social Dialogues: Monthly meetings for open discussions on girls’ education.
  4. Social Media Campaign: Weekly dissemination of sensitization materials.


  1. Empowering Communities: Overcoming social and cultural norms leading to girls’ school dropout.
  2. Empowering Girls: Equipping secondary school girls to demand their right to education.

Educate a child for just: USD 75
Includes; Uniform, School Bag, Books, Pens & Pencils, Sanitary Pads, Ream Paper

Wajibu Comic
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