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“Sometimes those who give the most are the ones with the least to spare"

We are committed to strengthen the strength of the nation through youth empowerment including adolescents’ girls and young women

Kijiwe kipya Project

The program aims to reduce teen pregnancies, child marriages, unemployment, and financial barriers. It provides support for entrepreneurial skills, capital raising, and engagement in development activities.

Sikio Na Bega

program empowers adolescent girls to stay in school, achieve their potential, and make informed decisions. It focuses on Sexual Reproductive Health Education, Advocacy against Child Marriages, Awareness Education, and Building Feminist Movements to strengthen their rights and knowledge of traditions and customs.

Maslahi Yetu

In Tanzania, despite their significant numbers, youth encounter challenges like unemployment, lack of information, and limited political engagement. Our 'Maslahi Yetu Kwanza' program aims to empower youth and promote their active involvement in politics.


The University Agenda Connecting Club, a project by the Integrating Capacity and Community Advancement Organization, started in January 2021. It raises awareness about global issues among university students, offering a broader perspective beyond their immediate experiences.


The "Asome" project is focused on advocating for girls' right to education, aiming to increase the secondary completion rate for girls in the Mara region by 5% by 2024.


The "Ulevi Sio Dili Project" empowers out-of-school youth aged 15 to 30 in Tanzania's Pwani and Mara regions, specifically in the districts of Bagamoyo, Kibaha, Kisarawe, Bunda, and Musoma. It tailors its efforts to address the specific challenges of youth in these areas.