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Empowering our youth

The description shall include the geographical focus, specific outcomes and related groups of activities
Ulevi sio Dili Project will focus on out of school youth (15 – 30) in Pwani and Mara regions. 5 Districts
will be involved including Bagamoyo, Kibaha, Kisarawe, Bunda, and Musoma. In terms of approach, the
project will apply a multimedia approach in reaching the beneficiaries. This will involve physical
contacts through informal gatherings (such as youth camps in the streets, arts and music groups, drug,
and alcohol related groups, etc) in respective geographical areas, bimonthly meeting at Maarifa Hub
(venue) within ICCAO offices. Apart from physical meetings, social media particularly, you-tube,
whatsApp and instagram. Moreover, mainstream media such as TV talk shows and community radio
talk shows will be utilized as well.

Implementation Patterns
ICCAO will roll out the implementation across the 5 Districts at once. There will be overlaps and
alternation of outputs in terms of implementation period. We feel that it will not be nice to go Districts
by Districts since other Districts may be kept waiting for too long for the relevance of the intervention.
We will select 2 Wards from each of the districts considering hotspot areas with regard to alcohol
consumption. We will reply on our team of trained volunteers to assist with the coordination as focal
points per each of the districts. Below is the roll out plan.

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