ICCAO Tanzania is non-profit, Non-governmental organization registered under nongovernmental Organization act,2002 made under section 12(12) of ACT No.24 of 2002 with registration number 00/NGO 08355.


We empower and work with youth, Adolescent girls and young women on area of

  • => Development (Education, Health, Employment, Environment)
  • => Gender equality
  • => Education
  • => Leadership


A community in which youth attain the ability to survival, protection, development and participation.


To ensure youth are becoming independent by using effective and efficiency skills and knowledge they acquire in solving various problem surrounding their environment.


The young professional and student’s forum environmental justice. ICCAO conducted a one-day discussion forum, bringing together young professionals and STUDENTS ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE/ HELD ON 6th March 2016. The agendas were air pollution, soil erosion, water scarcity, deforestation and loss biodiversity. The interventions aimed to support community members such as children, women and people to be better organized and have better understanding of the environment. Our organization aims to support disadvantaged communities, with this we recognize that children and young people belong to the group. So, we identify the main problems facing this group and solve them through community awareness and advocacy, economic empowerment and financial education and environment conservation.This activity we were able to work with 500 youth people from both secondary schools and collages These open dialogues created During year 2016 the organization established networking interactions with national and international organizations, aiming to acquire exposure to new and awareness to the youth in supporting environment conservation, prevention strategies that will be an empowered and motivated activism with deepened self- esteem to take strong and sustainable actions before environment destruction place.

Capacity Building

The workshop was held from 14th of March to 18th of March, the workshop was about preservation, conservation and environment management tool and principles. We received great responses from students, staffs and community members encouraging us to continue to do more workshops concerning environment conservation.

The outcome from this activity we created awareness to the community on the importance of having a clean environment and being cautions of the air pollution and environment conservation. innovative ideas. The network collaborators have enabled influx of information that greatly added to the productive and effective intervention with the community. In year 2016 the organization had 7 members including 3 committed volunteers. In this end of year 2016 report about of funds as one of the setbacks. However, the efforts played by each one facilitated the achievement of the organization planed interventions for the year.

The organization has been able to identify the interventions that worked out effectively adopted different strategies to deal with the challenges during forthcoming year of operations. The following are the plans/ objectives and strategies that are to be implemented in the year 2017/2018: –

  •  => Sourcing more partners and linkages with various community-based organizations to ensure resource mobilization.
  •  => The need to establish a database for all members due to observed trend of committed staff worked tirelessly on voluntary bases, due to shortage
  •  => member’s performance after deepened skills and abilities to retain changes.
  •  => The need to deepened skills of the committed staff and other potential stakeholders to effectively manage the implementation of activities and other relevant office management issues.
  •  => Review purpose, the organization would like to conduct a 2nd year program review of the achievement of program outputs in relation to key inputs, outcome and its impact in order to determine strengths, opportunities, weakness and threats


Awareness rising programs

Open community, streets and in school awareness were the activities conducted in Singida Municipal Council and Kinondoni district in Dar es Salaam. The intervention targeted different groups in the community such as children and women. According to the current situation in the country young people aged between 10 to 24 years constitute more than a third of the country’s population. This reveals that when create awareness to this group, you create awareness to the whole community in large.

During the taking place of this program the working team realize that it is essential to work with youth through transformation strategies, were by it will create future leaders in the community who have ability to demand for their rights and participate in effective decision making.

This activity we were able to work with 700 youth people from school, collages and street people. This exceeded our 2016/17 number of people we worked with. These open dialogues accumulate holistically a large number of participants includes men and women, boys and girls (youth). Each dialogue approximately it was attended more than 80 participants

Capacity Building

Workshops, training and seminars about youth employment initiative in Dar es Salaam (YEID) concerning the entrepreneurship to create job in youth about several capacity building workshops where conducted in Kawe, Kimara in Dar es Salaam and Mandewa in Singida.Topics facilitated during the workshops in various places based on educating the young men and women on relevant socio- economic issues such as children, women and disabled rights.

The impact of the above activity is that the rate of youth in drug abuse, prostitution and robbery was diminished to some extent due dropping of the number of social crimes in the community.

Economic Empowerment

The organization conducted different entrepreneurship training courses mostly to women based in Dar es Salaam region. Most of them own individual small businesses. The activity was aiming on empowering women of all ages to start and run small businesses, helping them to access small loans from micro- finance institutions that provided start-up capital for groups.

We were able to train more 25 women groups includes widows and young girls. Also, through these training courses We established Women Economic Empowerment Project (WEEP) that aims to provide financial education and entrepreneurship training to women and girls in the underserved communities of Kinondoni District.

In the year of 2017/18 the organization had 10 members including 3 committed volunteers, in which exceeded the number of the working team in the previous year 2016/17.
The following are the achievements that were documented as strategies in year 2016/17

  • 1=> To increase the number of working staffs and acquiring of new skills
  • 2=> Members database to be established

The following are the plans/ objectives and strategies that are to be implemented in the year 2017/2018: –

  • 1=> To create more awareness to the community of the organization existence and activity through social media platforms
  • 2=> To increase number of new committed members in the organization
  • 3=> To strengthened the relationship between different stakeholders in and outside the country through making our programs transparent to the public.


International girl child 2018

The International Day of Girl the Child focuses attention on the need to address the challenges girls face and promote their empowerment and the fulfilment of human rights With her; A SKILLED GIRLFORCE, In celebrating girl child October 2018 ICCAO team believe in driving change and help a better future and hence improve livelihood of our communities .The training was for 4 days aim was to give them the first step in building their dreams a clear picture of the industry they want to work on, skills and knowledge which will help them in capacity building , we believe in empowering girls with knowledge and skills we give them options and enlightening their visions which will help them to becoming independent women and help achieving equality. Activities undertaken


4 days practical training on face beats, make- up and hair- do. Also lesson on beauty products

Self-awareness education

Self-awareness means having a clear and realistic perception of who you are. ICCAO successes to give self-awareness education to a girl child which will help them in understanding who you are, why you do what you do, how you do it and the impact on this on others. We believe that self-awareness is related to both emotional intelligence and success to a girl child because it allows you to guide yourself down in right path by pursuing opportunities that are the best fit for your skills and knowledge also self-awareness will help girl child to make positive behavior changes that can lead to greater success. Self-awareness is not learned in a book but achieved through self-reflection.

Open dialogue questions and answers

ICCAO had a chance to participate in dialogue prepared by Young Women Led Organization at NAFASI ARTS SPACE, the Theme was; Celebrating and Promoting Girls Success. We believe through eradicating all forms of discrimination against girl child and abolition all bad social cultural practices we will help a girl child to participate comfortable in all aspect of human life.
In this dialogue we participated full in the questions and answers where by the facilitator allow all participants to ask questions and got answer from the responsible persons. Example there are questions which are directly to the lawyers and other questions are directly to journalist.

Networking and collaboration

ICCAO participates on dialogue to learn from different participant from different NGOs across the country prepared by young women led organization where by the main theme was; celebrating and promoting girl child, through collaboration we build good relation with other organization and we believe through this we can make a big change to our communities and societies which are isolating girl child.

Also, we build good relation with our sponsors because we believe together, we can make a positive change, our sponsors were; Goddess Glam beauty and makeup saloon, Mack juice, Minnah Day Care, Sylvia’s Amazing Car Cash and Jacer Solar Energy Company, Lees headwraps. All being local brands has pressed a good light on how we can work together on touching other people’s lives.


1. Gender Discrimination

As the name suggest is the unfair treatment of women and denial of opportunities and violation of their right, due to negative perception discrimination against the girl child and women is strongest in patriarchal tribal areas where by women are subjected to unequal treatment in all aspect of life such as politically, socially, economically and in leadership.

2. Financial problems

The girl children are facing hard financial times which lead them to engage in the practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity for payment. Was also hard to make training session as long as the girls would have love to be there, and also failing to provide equipment’s for their start-ups or initial capital at least for one girl.


  •  => Eliminates all forms of discrimination against the girl child and the root causes of son preference.
  •  => Ensure access to appropriate education and skills training for girl child with disabilities for their full participation in life
  •  => Provide education and skills training to increase girl opportunities for employment and access to decision making process.
  •  => Ensure equal participation of girls in extra curriculum activities.


The launch of KIJIWE KIPYA app


capacitate youth with financial literacy and management skills as well as capacity to create successful and sustainable business.


Provide capacity building and training sessions as well as dialogue on financial literacy and exchange best management skills practices among youth grassroots groups and network to tackleunemployment.

The sustainability of the project is development of kijiwekipya App to reach out to more youth Also, alongside we going to have kijiwekipya special for adolescents’ girls and young women program will aim for economic empowerment and creating awareness on GBV Both Kijiwe kipya and kijiwekipya special intend to reach 50 group of youth per week which makes it 2400 youth on year base. This according to what our organization can afford to Mobil the resources need, if we manage to get more resources, we can reach 200 per week as we have enough volunteer stuff which will make it 9600 a year.