About Kijiwe Kipya Program

Early 2020, ICCAO developed a new program for helping the youth called KIJIWE KIPYA. The program launched on 4th April 2020, targeting youth out of schools with the attachment of Kijiwe Kipya Special for out of school girls, helping to reduce the number of teen pregnancies and child marriages. The program aims at reducing unemployment rates in the society and the government burden. KIJIWE KIPYA also works on solutions to financial barriers and the lack of entrepreneurial skills, support in raising capital and increase engagement in development activities.



  •  To reach youths out of schools and create a safe space for them by providing trainings, information on carrier paths, steps and roadmap to success, and increase youth participation in development activities.


    •  Youth Groups Fund Channel
      Connecting youth groups to fund channels either financial or social capital coupled with financial management skills
    •  Vocational Training Skills Develoment
      Supporting the youth with business facilities and knowledge. This aims to equip the youth with technical skills and financial management knowledge in their business areas. 
  •   Competion Programs
    Kijiwe Kipya challenge gives the youth a competitive spirit with the aim of sharpening creativity and innovation to give rise to new business ideas.