Maslahi yetu Kwanza

About Maslahi yetu kwanza Program

In Tanzania, the youth make up a large portion of the population, and yet the youth still face a number of challenges such as; unemployment, lack of information, health issues, quality education and meaningful engagement and participation in decision making bodies. Engaging young people in politics is critical to the safe guarding and strengthening of democracy world-wide. With the largest percentage of the population democratic legitimacy demands more than a token of youth representatives in the parliament. Our Interest First ( Maslahi Yetu Kwanza ) program was initiated with the aim of stopping the bad habit of using marginalized platforms particularly Boda boda youth and university students in campaigns and then forgetting their interests after elections. Failure of existing youth groups is to understand that leadership is not just for those who have money or leadership background.


    •  The overall objective of the project is to build capacity in youth with the strategic leadership, personal leadership and civic participation as well as capacity to think beyond packages they get from the campaign teams.
    •  The project focused in helping the existing youth platforms such as Youth in Boda boda Association, marginalized youth and youth in universities, where major groups of youth were often used in political campaigns.
  •  The project also facilitated interaction between the existing youth groups and youth representatives in the local government.


    •  Mtaa Kwa Mtaa TV Talkshow
      A campaign that involved interviewing youth on the streets on the topics of leadership, youth interests and the understanding and participation of youth in progressive activities in the community as a whole.
    •  Youth National Dialogue
      A forum called youth national dialogue and its theme was centered on youth interests, leadership and development. This involved panel discussions, question and answers and success stories.
  •  Online & Offline Campaign
    This campaign was conducted durin