Integrating Capacity and Community Advancement Organization ( ICCAO ) is a Non-Governmental Organization dedicated to helping disadvantaged groups in Tanzania, with a main focus on out of school girls and youth in general. ICCAO aims to help create an independent generation of entrepreneurs and leaders all across Tanzania. To achieve this it has developed programs such as ‘Kijiwe Kipya’ where youth can demonstrate skills with an opportunity to acquire funding to promote these skills, but also have a chance at learning new skills to be used for self improvement.

For ICCAO to thrive, as is the case for any organization profit or non-profit, there has to be a state of sustainability in the economy, politics and culturally. To understand how a country can have a state of sustainability it is best to understand the global goals of sustainable development for least developing countries.

In the year 2015, world leaders decided on 17 goals for Sustainable Development. These goals were to ensure a better future, with the goals targeting the year 2030 as minimum target to have achieved the global goals. With respect to these goals, ICCAO reiterates its actions based on the Global Goals of Sustainable Development.


Refers to when one lacks resources to provide the basic necessities of life, being food water or clothing. On a national level poverty can either be “Absolute” or “Relative”. Absolute poverty refers to when household income is way below the capability of providing basic needs such as food, shelter, water, education or healthcare. Relative poverty is when a household is able to meet 50% of its basic needs.

Globally, about 9.2% of the world population lives in poverty, that is almost 700 million people. With countries such as South Sudan, Equatorial Guinea, Madagascar, Eritrea and Burundi exhibit the highest rates of poverty in the world. In Tanzania, according to World Bank statistics has about 55.6 million people living in poverty.

With such high rates of poverty, ICCAO has endeavored to help reduce the burden by providing entrepreneurship training to help the youth change the circumstances they were born into. ICCAO also aids the fight against Child Marriages which is a major cause for young girls not being able to finish schools, girls who could have been beneficial to the economy through various ventures.

The main targets in the fight against poverty include;

  1.        Eradicate Extreme Poverty
  2.        Reduce Poverty by at least 50%
  3.        Implement Social Protection Systems
  4.        Equal Rights to ownership, Basic Services, Technology and Economic Resources
  5.        Build Resilience to Environmental, Economic and Social Disasters
  6.        Mobilize Resources to implement Policies to end Poverty
  7.        Create Pro-poor and Gender-Sensitive Policy Frameworks

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